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A new exhibition opens at Kosta Art Gallery


22 / 04 / 20

Three contemporary artists exhibit new art in collaboration with Kosta Boda

This summer, Kosta Art Gallery will be displaying the works of three artists with whom we have launched new collaborative partnerships over the past two years: Ellen Ehk Åkesson*, Markus Åkesson and Johan Röing.


“It will be fascinating to show Ellen, Markus and Johan side by side and see the results of their independent artistic work with us here in Kosta,” says Maria Lomholt, Head of Art Glass at Orrefors Kosta Boda. “All three are involved in long-term partnerships with us as part of our focus on art, which highlights both innovation and tradition. The exhibition promises an exciting future for contemporary sculptural glass.”


The internationally renowned artist couple Ellen Ehk Åkesson and Markus Åkesson are exhibiting their work The trailing moss and mystic glow in the Bruno Mathsson Hall. It’s a joint presentation featuring sculpture, painting and mystical objects inspired by their shared origins in the forests of Småland, with all the myths and secrets associated with the forest. “We don’t really mind if the public aren’t sure whose work is whose,” says Ellen Ehk Åkesson. “Lots of talented craftspeople are also involved in the exhibition – contributing their creative input. The glass itself is also a living organism before it cools. As an artist, it’s hard not to be moved by the living, organic aspects of the whole process.”


At the same time, acclaimed sculptor Johan Röing, chiefly known in Sweden and internationally for his sculptures in wood, will be displaying New works in the adjacent Cornelis Janssen space; three new series of sculptures in wood, glass and combinations of the two. Glass is a new material for Johan, but it’s something for which he now has a real affinity. “I’m completely sold on glass,” Johan says. “I love the fact you can produce such razor-sharp edges using the material. But you have to stay focused, because glass offers so many possibilities. For me as a sculptor, it’s about standing before the material and bringing out its own inner truth and logic.”


*Ellen Ehk Åkesson was the first recipient of the Ulrica Hydman Vallien scholarship in 2020, when she also began her collaboration with Kosta Boda Art Glass. Markus Åkesson and Johan Röing began their collaborations in 2021.

Exhibition period: 26 maj-2 oktober, 2022


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