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Nature, light and ice – it was out of love for these great entities that Polar was born almost 50 years ago. This timeless series consists of a number of glass sculptures reminiscent of rippling water frozen in time. Each sculpture also doubles as a votive, where the clear glass refracts and diffuses the light to set the mood.

Polar from Kosta Boda invites you to combine and group different sizes, although each makes a beautiful design object on its own. Or as a unique gift, e.g. from Sweden to the Sydney Opera House (true story).

Polar was launched in 1974 and consists of votives in several different colors and sizes.


“Glass is a liquid. As living as rippling water. In Polar, I have frozen the movement of time and captured the meeting between ice and light in an almost optical phenomenon. Polar is an uncompromising object, full of life and movement. ”

Göran Wärff