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Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

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Nature, light and ice – it was out of love for these great entities that Polar was born exactly 50 years ago. This popular series consists of a number of glass sculptures reminiscent of rippling water frozen in time. Each sculpture also doubles as a votive, where the clear glass refracts and diffuses the light to set the mood for this year’s anniversary and beyond.

Polar from Kosta Boda invites you to combine and group different sizes, although each makes a beautiful design object on its own. Or as a unique gift, e.g. from Sweden to the Sydney Opera House (true story).

The series was designed by Göran Wärff, launched in 1974 and consists of votives in several different colorways and sizes.


“Glass is a liquid. As living as rippling water. In Polar, I have frozen the movement of time and captured the meeting between ice and light in an almost optical phenomenon. Polar is an uncompromising object, full of life and movement. ”

Göran Wärff