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Simon Klenell’s exhibition Ad Libitum

18 January - 25 February at Galleri Glas in Stockholm

An anniversary exhibition in glass.
Five artists. Five decades.

15 July- 1 October at Solliden.

Tracks of Music
Kjell Engman

29 April - 17 September Kosta Art Gallery

Le Na Land på Galleri Glas
Lena Bergström

17 December - 20 December Galleri Glas

Kosta Art Gallery honors two masters of glass
Erika Lagerbielke and Göran Wärff

22 October - 7 December Kosta Art Gallery.

The trailing moss and mystic glow
Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Markus Åkesson and Johan Röing

26 May - 2 October Kosta Art Gallery.