Hanna Hansdotter’s vibrant Rocky Baroque series, here.

Kappa mini vases, here.

Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

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Kosta Boda has created glass since 1742

Kosta Boda

With a focus on modern lifestyle products and inspiring art, Kosta Boda creates glass that makes a difference. Sure thing, it's just glass, but at the same time it's so much more.

At Kosta Boda, we have worked with glass for almost 300 years, during which we’ve developed a deep understanding and love for the material. We work with design, interior design, lifestyle and art, and strive to create products that are bold and progressive, while still being easily accessible.

We want our collections to be a choice today as well as tomorrow, and we want our assortment of products to add inspiration and beauty in everyday life. We produce well-designed products that fill homes and lives with a foundation to enjoy meals, drinks and socializing, and we contribute to building environments where people want to live and create memories together.

Kosta Boda is not just about what we do, but about who we are. Courage, determination and collaboration have been characteristic for both the company and our staff since the start in 1742. Other qualities that have taken us to where we are today are perseverance, craftsmanship, ingenuity and artistic flair - and all this has made our glass creative, inspiring and bold. Our vision is to be a progressive and curious Swedish brand with integrity that interprets contemporary urban life.

Our passion for what we do is great and spans a variety of areas, divided between Kosta Boda Collection and Kosta Boda Art Glass.

Kosta Boda collection

Kosta Boda Collection steers towards lifestyle, with commercial expressions that capture the spirit of the times. Well-designed and functional products in a well-coordinated assortment with high integrity. Pleasant and easily accessible. 

Complementary materials can be used, but always with the main focus set on glass. We look back to move forward, with our starting point in the history of the different glassworks and designers such as Signe Persson-Melin and Erik Höglund, amongst others. To this we add creation in the present and the future. Our collections aim to reflect and promote a modern lifestyle, with a focus on everyday life. When we say everyday, we mean everything from life around the dining table and interior design, to creating memories in everyday festivities. Isn’t that some good food for thought? The products draw inspiration from phenomena such as fashion, music and art and can have many different functions depending on the context and company.

Kosta Boda Art Glass

With Kosta Boda Art Glass we reach out to the world, at the same time as we bring the world home to Kosta. Our most famous artists participate in the creation, as well as new designers and artists. 

The collections range from "Artist Collection" - which is art for a wider audience - to completely unique objects and special editions. With the endless possibilities of glass in focus, art is created from a base of creativity, knowledge and courage, in combination with the love for glass as a material.