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Our responsibility

Sustainable design

Kosta Boda has created contemporary lifestyle products and inspiring art that have lasted for generations. Our vision is to continue creating bold and progressive designs that are a choice for today as well as tomorrow by constantly improving techniques, materials and the products we use. Our designs should be progressive and add beauty in everyday life - and contribute to a more beautiful world.

Kosta Boda for a better world

In our work for improvement, we work with four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: "clean water and sanitation", "affordable and clean energy", "industry, innovation and infrastructure" and "responsible consumption and production". As a company, Kosta Boda is quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.


Glass is an amazing material that can be reused over and over again, and still maintain the same good quality. All excess glass from the production of clear glass at Kosta Glasbruk is reused to create new glass - something that saves both natural resources and energy.

We strive to work with sustainable materials and we’re constantly working to refine the production of our raw materials. We always want to find new solutions and therefore collaborate with various institutions and universities. 

Today we work with the research institute Rise in a project about process optimization, to get the best glass quality. At Kosta Glasbruk in Småland, we’ve worked with lead-free glass since the late 90s, and all of our partners have worked with lead-free glass since 2019. Products intended for contact with food are tested to ensure that the glass doesn’t transfer any substances to the food.

Energy and water

We have our own water treatment plant at the glassworks in Småland, and to the greatest possible extent the water used in our production is reused. We also work with energy-saving measures such as efficient and carbon-neutral ovens, energy-efficient lighting, and district heating in our premises.


We always have the climate in mind when choosing transport for our products - both within Sweden, and to and from Sweden. For international shipping, we choose boat before truck or plane when possible, and we make sure to fill vehicles and containers completely before departure to reduce the number of transports.


Just like us, all our suppliers - inside and outside the EU - must comply with our Code of Conduct. This ensures good fundamental working conditions, the right to organize trade unions, regulations of minimum wage, overtime pay and working time restrictions. 

It also contains a ban on e.g. child labor and discrimination. The majority of our partners are located within the EU, and to ensure high quality and compliance with the rules of our suppliers, we visit them annually.

Fair working conditions