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The Rock

The lineage is clear, yet The Rock stands firmly on its own. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ann Wolff's iconic Snowball, Hanna Hansdotter has created a worthy homage. This series of votives, available in multiple colors, reinvents the familiar, irregular surface, now with a dramatic silhouette and a gem-like color palette.

The Rock is cast in colored glass at the Kosta glassworks in Sweden. The new series is available in three distinct colorways – Pink, Yellow, Bronze – as well as a Circular execution, whereby waste glass from the Kosta hot shop is repurposed into new objects. The color tone of the circular edition varies on a green-to-blue spectrum, resulting in a unique color composition for each batch.


“The Rock is a concept that took form during my art school years,” says Hanna Hansdotter. Partially a nod to the 1970s and the cast, solid glass typical of many iconic Kosta Boda products, I wanted to add a modern touch to this familiar type of object. A reliable rock to lean on, if you will.”

Hanna Hansdotter