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Don't Stop The Music

Music brings joy to life! That is why, in cooperation with the Swedish Music Foundation, Kosta Boda is launching a new collection of glasses created together with artist Clas Håkansson and some of Sweden’s leading musicians: Darin, Molly Sandén, Smith & Thell, Sandro Cavazza and Miss Li. The glasses in the Don’t Stop the Music collection feature designs with a personal connection to the musicians, such as tattoos and lyrics. The collection launched in 2021.


"My tattoo symbolizes the dandelion child in me."

Mary Jane Smith / Smith and Thell

It includes wine glasses, beer glasses and tumblers. Each package contains 6 glasses with several different designs – a small, personal part of Molly Sandén, Sandro Cavazza, Smith and Thell, Miss Li and Darin.


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