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Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

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When Picnic was launched in 1967, the underlying idea was to challenge the bourgeoisie's fixation on excessively large stemware sets. Why have so many pieces, when you can drink straight from the bottle or from simple glasses? Thus a classic was born, with a timeless, mouth-blown simplicity and splendor that works just as well today.


Stout but hollow stems allow the glasses to be filled right down to the base, accentuating the drink's color in a decorative way. Another lovely detail is the playful dynamic between glassware and carafe.


"I made Picnic as a simple glass without legs and feet in the usual sense. The shape and idea make for a refined glass. The sturdy stem, which is filled with drink all the way down to the foot, gives the whole glass the color of the drink to grab onto. It makes the glass feel more festive than an ordinary drinking glass, just as it is good to serve milk on an ordinary Tuesday."

Bertil Vallien