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Erika Lagerbielke and Göran Wärff — Kosta Art Gallery honors two masters of glass

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22 / 09 / 20

On the 22nd of October, Kosta Art Gallery opens new exhibitions with two designers and artists who have contributed greatly to glass art and to Orrefors Kosta Boda over a long era.

In the Bruno Mathsson Hall, we present Ljus - Skugga (Light - Shadow), a retrospective overview of Erika Lagerbielke’s forty-year career at Orrefors and Kosta Boda. The presentation displays a selection of works from the past four decades, as well as a contemporary section, En blå planet (A Blue Planet), built on the artist’s exhibition in Galleri Glas in Stockholm in 2021.

Simultaneously, in the adjacent Cornelis Janssen Room we open Göran Wärff — en älskad glasets mästare och nestor till minne  (Göran Wärff — a beloved master and nestor in memory), our exhibition about the recently passed master designer and artist. A collection of key works from Wärff’s stellar sixty-year career has been curated by Kjerstin Ask, Wärff’s closest collaborator over the past twenty years, including an exclusive selection of prototypes and objects never produced, for various reasons.

“Erika and Göran are fantastic designers and artists from two generations who have been of the greatest importance for Orrefors and Kosta Boda, for glass art and for the community”, says Maria Lomholt, head of art glass at Orrefors Kosta Boda. “It’s essential to present a comprehensive overview of the scope and richness of their life work.”

Light – Shadow — Erika Lagerbielke 40 years with Orrefors and  Kosta Boda

Kosta Art Gallery Bruno Mathsson Hall

October 22nd  2022 – March 19th 2023


Göran Wärff — a beloved master and nestor in memory

(Göran Wärff — en älskad glasets mästare och nestor till minne)

Kosta Art Gallery Cornelis Janssen Room

October 22nd  2022 – January 29th 2023


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