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Husgud UHV ED-23

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien

Cast and decoratively painted at Kosta Glasbruk. Limited edition of 300 pieces.

350.00 EUR

Product Attributes




Ulrica Hydman-Vallien


UHV Hyllningskollektion








Crystal glass

Care Instructions

Wipe with cloth

Product Information

The House Gods have followed Ulrica throughout her life. She first made them in clay, well before she started working with glass. At that time they were bigger and often black. But when she decided to devote herself entirely to glass, she brought in light and joie de vivre in new ways. Over the years, a large family of House Gods has been created, appreciated in particular among the many collectors of Ulrica’s work.
Staffan Bengtsson (who has followed Ulrica over the years through books, exhibitions and television specials) says she considered her House Gods to be like pets, and gladly surrounded herself with them while working in her studio.
“An artist’s work is often very solitary, and to relieve that solitude, she made those figures and placed them here and there in her space. The radio and these figures made the days feel less long. She referred to them as ‘loving forest gods.’ I believe they offered her a sort of protection from the evil and stupidity of the world,” says Staffan Bengtsson.