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Le Na Land at the gallery ‘Galleri Glas’ !

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22 / 10 / 17

In her new exhibition at Galleri Glas, Lena Bergström looks forward and backward as she presents an overall picture of where her glass art is here and now — her own dream world in glass, Le Na Land.

Le Na Land is to some extent based on the tribute exhibition Lena 25+, which was shown at the Kosta Boda art gallery earlier this year. Among the news is a new collection of Lena's beloved Planets, a series that she continues to reinvent and that has been exhibited in Sweden and internationally since the turn of the millennium.

"It is my own wonderland that takes shape in the disposition of the glass," says Lena Bergström. “I see it as a soft, sensual and temporary landscape, with tight facets that create a variety of soft and sharp contrasts. The colors reflect the mood I'm in right now and also the season — an earthy scale of bronze against white.”


- The basic form in the planets is the egg that hatches into constantly new forms, says Lena. "They form their own worlds and constantly change with my mood. Planets are a true collaboration between me and the glass masters. There is tremendous craftsmanship behind it."

Lena Bergström

The exhibition Le Na Land shows Lena's creativity and versatility as an artist," says Elin Forsberg at Galleri Glas. "She once again shows the fantastic properties and endless possibilities of glass."

The exhibition runs from November 17 to December 20, at Galleri Glas in Stockholm.