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My kind of perfect – Edvina Berg edition

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23 / 07 / 24

Edvina Berg grew up in a neighborhood of Malmö called Gamla Väster. In English, it translates to the Old West, and it was there, amidst garages and courtyards, that she played as a child – nurturing an early interest in creativity within simple surroundings. To this day, Edvina refers to her mother as an inspiration, as she showed her the way when she renovated a courtyard house by hand.

Edvina affectionately refers to herself as an "asphalt child" and believes that her upbringing taught her how to create beautiful environments in minimalistic settings. Creativity always resided more in her hands rather than in glossy interior design catalogs, and her mother inspired her to do things herself with simple means. Being involved in the renovation of the house at a young age allowed Edvina to witness how limited resources can be transformed into serene and vibrant atmospheres. This experience empowered her to imprint her unique touch on her surroundings, a practice she continues to embrace today.


"What I love most about design and interior decoration is the opportunity to make it entirely my own. There are no boundaries dictating what or how I should create—it's all about following my own feelings, desires, and passions. And above all, it's the sense of joy that truly matters. Creating should be a delightful experience!"

Edvina Berg

Today, Edvina lives with her boyfriend in Norra Sofielund in a functionalist-style apartment with charm and unconventional angles. The process of moving in together, she believes, is an exciting phase that can be challenging at times, but it sets the stage for fresh expressions. Her boyfriend, an architect with a penchant for form and color, shares her enthusiasm. Together, they have not only preserved but also unearthed the apartment's historical elements.

"When we first moved in and started renovations, we faced the task of removing multiple layers of wallpaper that concealed the walls. As we reached the final layer, a glimpse of something painted on the original wall caught our attention. We gently steamed off the last of the wallpaper, revealing a mural beneath that we chose to preserve and showcase. It's a great example of how unplanned elements shape a place, making it truly distinctive."

Edvina currently works as a project manager at an advertising agency, but she devotes her free time primarily to her creative pursuits. She firmly believes that these endeavors don’t need to be extravagant or complex. It could be as simple as repainting walls in warm hues or exploring thrift stores in search of the next carefully selected treasure, destined to make a long-lasting connection within her home.

When asked about her definition of "perfection," Edvina responds with a humble laugh and a sincere answer. "Perfection does not exist in my world. It is a fleeting sentiment that is fundamentally based on change. We are constantly evolving, striving for a sense of comfort, but it is an ever-shifting concept. Ultimately, it is the journey toward what feels right that remains exhilarating. Perfection would be stagnant and dull. It is within the unexpected and the personal that true magic happens. Perhaps that is why I prefer to hang a painting myself, even if it ends up slightly crooked, rather than entrusting someone else to hang it flawlessly."

Photography: Mira Wickman

Video: Edling Agency

Written by: Camilla Brandow