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The Rock Tegnérgatan Takeover

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23 / 10 / 14

Cutting through the heart of heart of the city and crowned by its iconic grove, Tegnérgatan is truly one of Stockholm’s signature streets. Even better, we have chosen it as backdrop for our launch of The Rock by Kosta Boda. It’s a series of votives that – as with all of designer Hanna Hansdotter’s creations – simply demands your attention.

The Rock Tegnérgatan Takeover begins at Banacado – a peachy pit stop with a lively atmosphere and an all-day-breakfast concept brimming with colorful superfood. For this launch, we searched for places that could reflect the essence of each of the pieces in this vibrant series of votives. For The Rock Yellow, Banacado is a perfect match.

Lennart and Bror Fisk – a lovely little seafood restaurant with a relaxed mood, an ocean-fresh delicatessen and menu musts like lobster rolls and the daily catch is the next stop at The Rock Tegnérgatan Takeover. Lennart and Bror Fisk reflects the essence of The Rock Circular. Circular is made from waste glass from the Kosta hot shop that has been repurposed into new objects. The color tone of the circular edition varies on a green-to-blue spectrum, resulting in a unique color composition, resembling glacial ice to no small degree.

The Rock Tegnérgatan Takeover continues at Bistro Leoparden – a bistro that’s equal parts elegant and relaxed, with the kind of menu that’s so full of classics and guilty pleasures that you must restrain yourself to not order it all. With Bistro Leoparden, The Rock Bronze found an instant home. 

The Rock from Kosta Boda is one of a kind. The dramatic silhouette, irregular surface and engaging depth all interplay to deliver a bold and contemporary highlight to this year’s festive season. It’s a series that – as with all of designer Hanna Hansdotter’s creations – simply demands your attention. You can see The Rock Bronze live at Bistro Leoparden.

The Rock Tegnérgatan Takeover ends at Savant Bar – a wine aficionado’s dream with a light, eclectic atmosphere and a passion for natural wines, seasonal food and a zero-waste vision. Savant Bar and The Rock Pink clicked right away. The Rock stands firmly on its own but the lineage is clear. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Kosta Boda’s iconic Snowball by Ann Wolff, Hanna Hansdotter has created a tribute that’s equally worthy and independent. While using a familiar design language, The Rock is an excellent example of the non-conformist, unique expression we associate with Hansdotter's design. A comforting déjà vu for some, a progressive statement for most of us.

All colorways of The Rock are cast in colored glass at the Kosta glassworks in Sweden. The yellow colorway will be launched in December, but The Rock Circular, Pink and Bronze are ready to be explored now at or at Tegnérgatan in Stockholm.

Photography: Edling Agency

Video: Edling Agency