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Simon Klenell’s exhibition Ad Libitum

18 January - 25 February at Galleri Glas in Stockholm

For two years Simon Klenell has collaborated with the glassblowers and the grinder Andreas Andersson in Kosta Boda's famous ‘Verkstad 12’, the result is the exhibition Ad Libitum.


“2021, Klenell was awarded a scholarship from the prestigious Ulrica Hydman Vallien foundation that allowed him to deploy his industry-derived artistic approach within Kosta Glassworks. Operating within the factory showed him that beyond the glass, beyond tradition, the true materials he was working with were teamwork and trust. The works in Ad Libitum are the result of Klenell’s second engagement with Kosta and deepen the dialogue he started there nearly two years ago.

The success of these objects relies on the dynamics of the team, their comfort with each other, with him, and with the process he has laid out. This is always the case in blown glass design objects, but Klenell’s approach amplifies and requires this dynamic more than most. Because unlike other designers, who call on skilled artisans to translate their work from the page to the hot shop more or less directly, Klenell’s scores leave spaces for improvisation, little “breathing spaces” that require the glassblower to work beyond the well-worn grooves of the known.”

Susie J. Silbert , Former Curator of Postwar and Contemporary, The Corning Museum of Glass