Snippan by Åsa Jungelius, here.

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Rocky Baroque by Hanna Hansdotter, here.

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“The original idea came from a visit to a church in Harlem in New York in the 80s, where we went to hear gospel. Draped in purple robes, these performers were the biggest people I had ever seen, yet they moved with incredible lightness as they danced, never stumbling, like floating angels. They loved themselves, and were filled with joy and vibrancy. The memory of the shape of these women has stayed with me ever since. The women in Happiness are from an exhibition in Stenungssund, Sweden, which was about an incredibly popular beach. I was in Båstad, people-watching at the beach. I’m a morning person and I arrived early, and all I could see were these large ladies. I made them even bigger, and they have started doing different things, like aerobics, taking on a life of their own. I’ve always enjoyed building scenes with my art, like staged performances. The sculptures are the artists.” – Kjell Engman

The collection, which is part of Kosta Boda Artist Collection, launched in 2019.