Hanna Hansdotter’s vibrant Rocky Baroque series, here.

Kappa mini vases, here.

Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

Kosta Boda Logo

“Earth is our planet, with a small house — my home, my fortress, my place on Earth. The house and home are deeply symbolic, a powerful metaphor for so much in life — security, family, myself, my possessions, my world. But the house can also be a prison. I enjoy simple symbolism. It is a decorative object, but if one so wishes, it contains much more. It is among the themes that I have simplified in order to reach the core – the boat, the stairs, the ladder, the staff. You might call it my alphabet of symbols.”

– Bertil Vallien

The collection, which is part of the Kosta Boda Artist Collection, launched in 2010.