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Mother of Pearl

Åsa Jungnelius’ Mother of Pearl sculpture has become a classic and is presented in various contexts and scales in her work. Now the Venus shell is available as a smaller object in the Kosta Boda Artist Collection. “This small sculpture is uniquely shaped in hot glass at the hotshop,” says Åsa Jungnelius. “The shell is also about the power of empty space. I love the actual pearl surrounded by the Venus shell – the very essence of glass as a material. The optical effect causes you to see the world upside down, providing access to a fresh perspective.” Mother of Pearl is cast in a graphite mold, in which the color is poured into the scoop. The pattern is created individually by the mold. The crystal-clear pearl is hand-sculpted and the pieces are joined with heat in the hotshop. “This work is also about my deep love of glass, craftsmanship, glass blowing, history, tradition and the glassworks,” says Åsa Jungnelius.